Lollypop and Candy

A world without love is a tediously complex thing that we can not comprehend because we don’t know or understand true love. We are a race of humans who believe we want the “best” for everyone; but actually we have no idea what best means.

Who chooses “best” for others?

What does “best” mean to you, me, him, her, them, they? What is best for you may not be the best for someone else. Let me explain that from my point of looking at a given situation. Let us say this woman is pregnant from a boyfriend who does not want to marry her and who does not want children and she does not want a child right now because she is too young emotionally to raise a baby. She has two choices:

1. Abortion…the act of destroying a life who has no say so in it destruction

2. She can have the baby and give it up for adoption to someone who can’t have children.

There are four or five or six people to take into consideration when thinking about what is best. So how would one make this decision?

Ask these questions.

1. What would love do?

2. Who should we consider first for getting the best?

3. Who would receive the most from doing what is best?

4. Who should we consider first to receive what is best?

5. Who would suffer the most is they failed to get the best?

If we are honest and good and truthful and want the best for all, then we have to do the best to make it best for all concerned and for the one who would suffer the most if they were not chosen to receive the best.

Here is the WAKE UP for a world in need of a new generation of people who are called to be the best of the best.


Who should receive what is best for them to do what is best all around for each involved.

1. The pregnant woman

2. The boyfriend

4. The childless woman

5. The baby

Who would suffer the most? Who would benefit the most? Who would have the most to gain? Who would win?……if we really did the best thing?

Wake Up!


The world is a beautiful place, but the inhabitants are asleep in their lives and they have no will to wakeup. They have become complacent and lack the energy to shake themselves from their slumber. They choose to allow the wicked king of the earth to continue to lull them into a deeper sleep so they can believe they are not responsible for the great depression that is about to land them squarely in the future world of the life they abhorred in the past.

Some have awakened to see the depth of their actions non responsive and find themselves at the mercy of the dividers. Where to turn for a return to the once peaceful , happy-go-lucky, everyday life they once enjoyed. Is there a silver lining at the end of the cloud that hangs low over the world they inhabit right now?

A mark has appeared world wide and most people in this world have sold their soul for a thought of return, but so far no such thing is in existence. No light has appeared at the tunnel opening or closing, so where does one travel too and find peace? Most people don’t have a lot of confidence that there is a normal anywhere in this new world.

Many claim life, but actually have non. Many say there are something they are not, and don’t know what they are. Many have lost site of real life and have settled for the great reset….because of the CV promise of more money, no work, no responsibility except to reach out and accept the empty promises from people they don’t know and have lied to them about everything happening around them and too them.

Lolly, lolly. Lollipop and candy, cookies, cake, and silver and gold. Lolly, lolly, no money to pay, not able to buy, sell or work. What has this world come too?

To be continued…….

Lolly, lolly, lolly.

July 12, 2021

Tomorrow will you remember what you did today? Probably not. A year from now, will you remember what you are did this week? Most likely you won’t. Why? Because nothing exciting took place that made this day or week memorable.

Do you want to remember things but they slip away and when you go looking for them in your mind, you can’t seem to recover the memory? I have the solution.


Yes, keep a journal, detailing every thing you want to remember about everyday of your life. In the future, you will be glad you did. Many things will surprise you that come to pass that you wont remember unless you journal.

Try it. It is a very exciting thing to do and most enjoyable to reread about your exploits years down the road.

Start small, but do it daily and you will grow ….



I am a tiney little slave girl who serves a mighty King. I live in a kingdom of tiney people where great men rule by proxy. These men changed laws and times so they could remove the Great King. And they thought they had accomplished their goal until a book appeared with words of doom for the great men. Then the great men said, “we will hurry and take the tiney people away from the Lord before He comes back, so he won’t have anyone to rule over and possibly will give us back all his property.” So they began their plan.

I could heard them planning….but I was also reading the book which said, And the light of a candle shall shine no more at all in thee; and the voice of the bridegroom and of the bride shall be heard no more at all in thee: for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy SORCERIES were all nations deceived.

This information bothered my logical discerning mind a great deal, because of the implications AND because it made me remember another verse in the book. AND BEHOLD, a white horse, and he that sat on him had a bow; and a crown was given unto him, and he went forth conquering and to conquer.

A white horse: who in the world is huge like a horse and wears white? Pharmaceutical Doctors, pharmacist, Engineers who study and manufacture virus, meds, scientist who research diseases, the great men of the earth. He had a bow. Bows come with arrows. And a crown was given to him. Crown is defined as corona. And by the sorceries (pharmakeia) were all nations deceived. And he went forth conquering and to conquer.

Well now. Looks to me as the Lord on high is revealing something quiet important to those who have ears to hear. I wonder, said this tiney little slave girl as I looked deeper into this quest, if this goes even farther than they are looking.

Sorceries is defined in the Strongs Concordance as Pharakeia. And the meaning says, 5331: Pharmacy, medication, poison. It, also, says 5332: pharmakon: a druggist or pharmacist or poisoner.

This has deep implications, I thought to myself. If they concocted at virus and then concocted a new medication then one hand washes the other hand. They could use this to remove the people from the King’s kingdom and take over the land with their sorceries …. how can I tell the the King and stop this madness? I ran my fingers thru my hair and twisted it around my fingers thinking, maybe all is lost.

I closed my eyes and began to pray, ‘help me O Mighty King, to know what to do and how to do it. Open the eyes of your people, open the ears of the remnant, renew the hearts of people all around the world and bring your kingdom to bear rule so wickedness will never take control. Revive the hearts of the good and help good win the battle. Show yourself Mighty King and renew in us a right spirit so we can live, love and grow in peace for ever.” As a tear rolled down my cheek, I heard a trumpet sound, and a voice of an archangel. The noise was loud and long. I lifted my eyes to see the Lord himself decending from heaven with a shout. I saw the dead in Christ rising first, and then I, alive, was caught up with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air, and I knew we would be with Him forever.

Leaving it all behind, I wondered if they who were left would figure it out, because the book said they only had seven years left to get it right. Then the King would return and destroy those who were destroying others. . . .only those who turned to the King would survive at the last day.

Think about it🔥

Taking a Stand

What does taking a stand mean to you?

Sometimes people take a stand and find themselves standing in quicksand. Sometimes people take a stand, and come to find out, they are on the wrong side. How would you handle it if you woke up one morning to find yourself up to your neck in debt, because you failed to take a stand when the bank told you, “a debit card is safe, so do not worry about your money.”

What would you do if the government had a bad day and the stock market crashed with all your money tied up in stocks? Where would you go for help? Who would you run too? Would you be one of those who jumped from the top of a tall building because you had no where to go, but down?

I read of great men and women of God in the Bible who took a stand for Christ. Sometimes no one else supported them, but God always came thru for them. He was with them, leading them to the rock higher than they.

We are to take a stand in the Word of Christ. We are to learn to trust God for all our needs. When we learn to walk with God, we can see God and He teaches us that ungodliness is inexcusable. We are not to judge others for the actions they take, but we are to pay attention to the fruit of their actions. Only God’s judgement is just because of His revelation of us.

We know the judgment of God is just in those who commit sin, because God is Truth and He sees the heart of what you are doing. He knows that those who commit sin are worthy of death, because the wages of sin is death.

Jesus paid those wages for us when he died on the cross in our place. Therefore, we who believe he died in our place should not practice sin. We should not do the same things sinners do by nature and we should not take pleasure in their doing wickedness.

There are four things believers should seek, no, five…glory, honor, immortality, eternal life, and walking obedient to God’s Word. If we think we can continue in sin and call ourself a follower of Christ and judge them who are sinning, while doing the same as they do…I say we better wake up quickly. Believers will not escape God’s judgment, just because they seem to be getting away with it right now.

God in His goodness and forbearance and longsuffering is allowing us time to repent. But if we won’t repent and keep doing sin after the hardness and unrepentant heart, we are bringing to ourselves the day of wrath and revelation of God’s righteous judgment against ourselves….God will render to every man according to his deeds. . . Whether you call yourself a believer or not…..God is no respecter of persons.

I believe it is time people take a stand for goodness, righteousness, and the truth. Folks who call themselves believers need to start acting in obedience to the written Word of God. Stop acting like the devil and start acting like God. How does one act like God?

God is Truth. John 3:33. God is merciful. Psalms 116:5. God is great. Job 36:26. God is faithful. 1 Cor. 1:9. God is holy. Psalms 99:9. God is love. 1 John 4, 8, 16. If we just followed these examples, our world would change …

TAKE A STAND for G-d and stop falling for evil….🔥

Beloved Child

I have never had any children born flesh of my flesh. So I can not tell you what child birth is about and neither can a man. I have been reading lots of information in these last days concerning the flesh of mankind and how confused a lot of human beings are about the flesh. As a woman, I have questions other women have, but are too afraid to ask.  I am not one of those women. I have never been afraid to ask questions about anything I wanted to know the answer too. And I have always told people, “Don’t ask me a question you really dont want to know the answer too; because, if I don’t know the answer, I will research till I find out the answer.

A question came too me recently, as I was reading about a male who wanted to become a woman. That question was, WHY?

Why would a man want to become a woman, a real woman, in these days we live in. And I hate to break it to men, but no matter how many surgeries you encounter, you will never become a real woman. Do you want to know the reason why you can never become a real woman?

The reason is not all flesh is the same. There one kind of flesh of men, another flesh of beast, another of fishes, and another of birds. There is also celestial bodies, and terrestrial: but the glory of the celestrial is one, and the glory of the terrestrial is another.

There is one glory of the sun, and another glory of the moon, and another glory of the stars: for one star differs from another star in glory.  There is a natural body, and there is a spiritual body.

The first Adam was made a living soul. The last Adam was made a quickening spirit. The first man is of the earth, the second man is the Lord from HEAVEN. As is the earthly, such are they also that are earthly: and as the heavenly, such are they also that are heavenly. And as we have borne the image of the earthly, we shall also bear the image of the heavenly.

So, logically speaking, no matter how you want to be other than you are, you can never achieve that in an earthly body. Only God can transform you from what you are to what He desires you to be…and that has to come thru a change of heart by the Creator and you, coming into agreement about Who He is and who you are. Unless you can humble yourself, pray,  seek His face, turn from your wicked ways, only then will He hear from heaven and come heal your land.     Oh, by the way, did I mention you were created out of dirt. Yes, God created man out of dirt. He was much more creative when He created woman out of the side (rib) of man. He made us out of bone. He called us His beloved Child.

He chose us before the foundation of the earth because He wanted a family to walk with, talk with, fellowship with. He desires man to be men, woman to be women, children to be children, pets to be pets, people to love one another. WHY?

God so loved the world , that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life. For God sent not His Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world might be saved. He that believes on Him is not condemed: but he that believes not on Him is condemned already, because he has not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God. Simple.

Yes, it is a simple answer to a very difficult situation in these last days. Now is the time to stop, reflect and decide if you are ready to meet your Creator.🔥

June 19, 2021

Do you remember what you were doing a year ago at this time? How about five years ago at this yime? Many people don’t remember what they did yesterday.

Five years ago, this month, my mom passed away. She was the sweetest person and at 85 years of age, she had all her faculties in prime order. She could remember where every picture she ever made was taken, and who everyone in the picture was. She could tell you where to put something for her….and when she asked for it, and you forgot you even put it somewhere for her; she would tell you exactly where it was and the day she told you to put it there.

In her last months, sitting in her recliner, she decided to tell me her life story. “Get a pen, a journal and sit over there in that chair, because I want to tell you about my life so you will understand your mama better when I go home to Jesus.” Being her obedient child, I did as she asked and each day for weeks, she shared a portion of her life from the time of her birth, as related to her by her mama, till she got sick and come to live with me. Some things I knew, but many things I learned, listening, as she sometimes got a far away look on her face, making me think she was there again…

The day she began talking about her and daddy getting married, she smiled, put her finger next to her nose, and said, “there are some things about your daddy that I’m going to tell you that I don’t want you to write about. So put your pen and journal away and just listen. This is between you and me.”

Some things I knew, but some things made my mouth drop open that she knew about that I had been trying to keep from her. She smiled as she said, “You thought I didn’t know what I just told you and you are shocked I told you, right?” Well, yes! I was shocked. Mama never let on she was aware of the things we all tried to keep her from finding out about our sweet hardhearted daddy.

My daddy was a wild man in his younger days and not much changed after he married mama. Mama was a good as gold woman whose heart was perfect before God even thought she had never met God…she didn’t drink, smoke, cuss, gossip, or run with women who did. She worked hard, raised her kids with discipline and a wooden paddle. She took care of everyone, cooking, cleaning, washing, ironing, and hand waxing her hardwood floors. She was a disciplined woman.

She continued talking about her husband and her family and her ability to know things we all thought was hidden from her. I sat quiet as a mouse as she told me the reason she knew all the things she knew, was caused by visions she had when something was wrong, and she could see everything that was happening. She said, “at first it bothered me, but finally I accepted it. I never told anyone what was happening and what I knew or saw. I prayed a lot about it. But it always happened when something wasn’t right. I always got the feeling something was about to happen and it always did. I saw it in a vision.” She had never told another living soul about this, but her best friend had figured it out, she told me with a smile from ear to ear.

“When I got saved, after Jason died, things changed a lot. I realized it was Jesus showing me these things because He loved me. Now I have peace about everything in my life. One day soon, I am going home to be with Jesus. I will be well, no more pain, and I will be able to do all the things I want to do. You will be happy for me. One day you will be there with me. We will all be together again.” Mom finished her story before she went home and left me with a new level of relationship with her. She was a good mama and God loved her from the beginning and He never let go of her.

Where will I be in a year from now? Where will you be?

I know I want to grow in grace and love for the God who gave me eternal life and loves me more than I can imagine. I want to stay in relationship with Him that will be pleasing to Him. He says, Come unto me, all you who labor and I will give you rest. I want to rest in Him daily.

How about you?

Story of someone life…

She was young, dumb, highly skilled in manufacturing and engineering getting her way because of her pretty face. She had learned at an early age how to get her daddy to take her for ice cream, just by letting a single tear run down her face after pursuing her lips in a pout. She was about eight years old when she decided she wanted a boyfriend. That cute little idea caused her big sister a whipping for helping her cross the street to a neighboring house where the young man lived with his single mother. He was 12 and rough talking. But he liked little sister and little sister wanted to be his girlfriend.

Now, she was actually too young to know what was good for her, or vice versa. She was also, spoiled by her daddy, thinking she could have and get anything she wanted just by using her pouting ways. Life was about to throw her a curveball that could legally be called a fastball if we were labeling her life.

As she knocked on the door, she turned to look across the street to see if her big sister was watching and realized sis had disappeared. She knocked again, thinking her handsome little fellow would open the door and come out to play with her. Knocking for the fouth time, she began to get anxious about what she was doing and decided to go home. Her only problem was crossing the street; something she had never done by herself and it was a heavily traveled road, 4 lane and the light was way up the street if you didn’t just j-walk like her sister and she had just done.

This wasn’t the days of cell phones, and easy to get in touch with anybody days. This was your typical day in the 60’s where mom would beat the crap out of you and nobody would report her to anybody for any reason, if you disobeyed her. And disobey was exactly what she and her sister had done when they crossed the street without permission. Now she was alone, no big sister to help her back across the road and no way to call for help .

Walking slowly toward the corner, she bowed her head as the tears ran down her face. “LORD” she whispered, “I am honestly sorry for all I have done wrong today. Can you tell mama to come get me, even though she does not know where I am, will you tell her, and bring her to help me?” She sat down on the grass near the road and let her tears flow from her eyes. Her heart was heavy with sorrow. She knew she was about to die even if mama found her. A whipping was coming no matter what else happened.

Suddenly, she was not alone. A dark shadow blocked the sunlight from her. She felt fear rise up in her heart. She kept her eyes tightly closed and whispered, “Mama, is that you?”

No one has seen or heard from her since that day….all these years later, it is still happening and every day a child goes missing. The most horrid thing in life is evil people trafficking children. Innocence is precious and those who have hurt, will hurt and are hurting innocent blood shall never enter heaven. They are the wicked who shall be thrown into the pit of hell to be tormented for eternity.


Because the hearts of mankind is evil, hateful, cruel and wicked. Line them all up and judge them, you would be surprised how many would actually fail the test. When the question is asked, how many know the answer?

What is GOD’S NAME?

If you can’t answer that question, it is time to start looking for the answer, because on the other side, you will be told that name when you can’t answer the question and you will hear,


Stop, look, listen….He is calling your name…get to know His, so you will be assured a seat in the highest realm

Pray, seek His face, turn from wicked ways, He will come heal your land. May you hear and have a blessed day.🔥


Today I found 15 examples of deception in the word of God. I am going to analize them from the 5th to number one 》1《. So stick with me thru this realization process. 

5. Delilah and Samson: Judges 16.    She wanted to know where his strength came from. In Judges 16:4-20, they threw the lies back and forth between them until he got tired of playing and just told her. He lusted after her, and she enticed him.  Her continual urging to tell her the truth finally brought him to despair, and instead of leaving her and keeping himself free to obey God and deliver Israel from the Philistines, Samson chose to tell her his whole heart. He paid a price for his foolishness. Samson’s strength did not lie in his hair or in his muscles, but in the relationship and contact he had with God through the Holy Spirit which was upon him….and his faith in God. His hair was a token of his vow to God, and spoke of that relationship which gave him strength….     His relationship with God was broken over a wrong relationship with a woman of the world, flesh, and devil.  Samson was betrayed by Delilah and lost not only his eye sight, he lost his relationship with his Creator.

Number 4.  Ehud and king of Moab           Judges 3:15-30.   N0W this one you will have to read beginning to end  and keep in context to understand it. So, start at Judges 3: 1-31. READ slowly and pray for wisdom.

Number 3.  Gibeonites and Joshua.              Joshua 9. All the kings in the valleys, hill, sea coast came against Joshua to fight against him. But the Gibeonite prepared a deception against Joshua and did work wilily and went and made as if they had been ambassadors,  and took old sacks upon their donkeys, and old wine bottles, and rent and bound up old shoes, patched up their feet and old garments, and got old moldy bread for their provisions. They went to Joshuas camp and lied….. Saying they had come from a far country, they knew of his fame and wanted to be his servant, please make a league with us that you wont attack us.   Joshua and his men did not ask the Lord if they should do this….they just did it.  So the deception was successful because Joshua did not consult the Lord.  Nations making false alliances with another nation.

Number 2. Joseph and his brothers.           Gen. 37:29-35 Joseph was his fathers favorite and at this time, the youngest. His brothers were jealous of daddy’s love for him and ended up deciding to sell him to a caravan going down to Egypt. Brothers will be brothers so they all decide to lie to dad and tell him, ‘little brother was kill by an animal and we brought back his coat to show you’. Dad was brokenhearted about the loss of this son, …but they all lied to their father about their brother that they sold into slavery. Child trafficking in those days.

Number 1: Adam, Eve, satan. Genesis 3:1-24. Now the serpent. Was more subtle than any beast of the field which God had made. He said to the woman, Has God said, you shall not eat of all the trees of the garden? The woman replied, of the fruit of the trees of the garden we may eat, but of the fruit of the tree which is in the midst of the garden, God said, you shall not eat of it, neither touch it. Or you shall surely die..

Satan’s heyday was he had caught her in an assumption. To eat of it, she had to touch it, so if she touched it, and didn’t die, would she die if she ate of it?

This is exactly how people fall into sin and get deceived into believing it is alright. It didn’t kill me when I did it, so it must be alright to continue doing it.

It took Adam some 900+ years to actually. But die he did. And since then, only one has raised from the dead to never die again. That One is the God who came to earth to pay for our sins so we could come back home to the Father of creation.

Read, pray, seek Him, turn from your wicked ways so He can come heal your land.

Have a 🔥day.


A two letter word that many people use with no thought of what it means. It carries with it the notion that something could happen that would be either good or bad for the individuals who are called to be part of the program.

If I shut up heaven that there be no rain…

What consequences could there be:

No food crops could grow… no fish could live in ponds, or lakes as they dried up, trees, flowers, grass would soon die, rivers and oceans would soon become polluted to the point the eccosystem would be at risk.

If I commanded the locusts to devour the land…. what would be the consequences of this….

No vegetation could survive, green grass, green trees, all crops, food would disappear.

If I send pestilence among my people….what consequences would appear soon afterwards….

Worldwide illnesses, sicknesses, deaths would occur.

IF MY PEOPLE, which are called by My name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways;

Consequences from This:

God will hear, will forgive, will heal the land. Now His eyes shall be opened, and His ears attent unto the prayer that is made in this place…

AMERICA, wake up. WORLD, wake up. PEOPLE, wake up.

Repent and return to God. Time isnt standing still for this world to get it right. It is now or never for this world to return to the Father, by receiving Jesus death, burial and resurrection at the cross for your sins. Turn from wickedness to God who created you. He is calling for his children to come back home. Now is the day to make a decision.

Fire begins at the cross, on your knees, repenting……

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